How to Watch HBO Max on AppleTV?

How to Watch HBO Max on AppleTV

It can be a confusing time for anyone who wants to get involved with the latest streaming from HBO.

There was the case of three streaming services from the company in the form of HBO Go, HBO Now, and the latest edition of HBO Max Australia.

Subscribers didn’t know which way to turn until the branding was cleared up. The HBO app for HBO Go ceased to exist, and HBO Now was branded as HBO and is on offer to subscribers of the HBO Warner Bros network in the USA.

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Now, anyone outside the USA can’t access HBO Max as HBO is only supported in the United States. The network joined forces with certain broadcasters and make some content available.

Currently, Foxtel in Australia being a key example. The streaming service has access to lots of HBO content, yet you can’t subscribe to HBO directly unless you use a VPN.

If all that wasn’t clear, the situation with Apple TV devices has added confusion. Luckily, here you can learn more about Apple TV channels and HBO on Apple TV.

By the end, you’ll know much more about how to get HBO on Apple TV.

Is HBO Available on Apple TV?

The answer to this is yes and no. You can get a limited set of content from HBO Now; you will miss out on new content yet in the future.

HBO isn’t stopping HBO on Apple TV; it’s just making you access HBO differently. This was unlike Roku and Amazon Prime who didn’t have agreements in place and couldn’t get the latest version HBO Max, to begin with.

Why is HBO Not on Apple TV?

HBO is no longer available as an Apple TV Channel for people who want to subscribe to it through the Apple TV app.

The sudden change occurred with the launch of the HBO Max streaming service in 2020.

Apple TV Channels was a recent launch and was a means of watching content from many service providers inside one app.

The benefits here were to access this content without switching between third-party apps. However, all this has changed, and HBO is pushing users to watch HBO Max content using the HBO Max app rather than the Apple TV app.

Subscribers to HBO in Apple TV’s Channels can still allegedly view it in the Apple TV app; however, updated content isn’t available exclusive to HBO Max.

One thing to note is, it isn’t only HBO that is pulling away from Apple TV channels; Disney and Peacock are also not offering support as they have their own apps to deliver services to subscribers.

How Do I add HBO to My Apple TV?

Here you can find how to add HBO to Apple TV boxes. Note, you will need to bypass the geo-restrictions in place for streaming HBO Max from the USA.

Luckily, this is a simple job for a premium VPN. Here are the steps to download HBO Max from Apple’s US store for Apple TV.

  1. Open the iTunes store app and sign out of your Apple account
  2. Here, you need to change the region to “United States.” Where you see the flag at the bottom of your screen, select this and change it to a US flag. The app store will show American content so long as your VPN is set to a server in the United States.
  3. Before you sign in, you’ll need to create a new iTunes account.
  4. Enter an email address, password, and your security information.
  5. On the Payment Information page, it should ask for an American credit card.
  6. If you don’t have one, select “None” and enter a valid US address (find one on the internet)
  7. Now, it will ask to complete the email verification.
  8. Open your email and then click the link you received from Apple.
  9. At this point, you can download content from the American iTunes store. Included in this is the new HBO Max app.
  10. Sign in to your new Apple account on your Apple TV, then install HBO Max.

So long as your VPN is running and you have an HBO MAX account, you can access all the movies, videos, and TV shows that HBO Max offers.

If you don’t have an HBO Max Account, here’s how you set this up and pay.

  1. Head to in a browser window
  2. Fill in the form, and select Create Account.
  3. Add your payment option.
  4. Select Start Subscription.
  5. Select Let’s Go, and you can sign in to start streaming HBO Max Originals on Apple TV in Australia.

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How to Pay for HBO Max

Because you won’t have a US credit card, you need this workaround. Using HBO Now Gift Cards is the only way you can do it.

Here are the steps for using an HBO Now gift card to subscribe to HBO.

Navigate to and purchase an HBO Now gift card.

Get your card details, and navigate to

To redeem, enter the gift card code and a US state and zip code.

Enter your email address you along with your first and last name.

After entering all your details, head to

Sign in to HBO Max using the email address from the previous step.

HBO Max works on all Apple devices such as iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV in HD and 4K. Besides, there is compatibility on Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, Android TV, Smart TVs, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can use browsers directly from the website to stream HBO Max.

Is HBO Max Free with Apple TV?

You can make an HBO download from the Apple store and install it. You will, however, need to follow the above to bypass the geo-restrictions in the same way as you do on Netflix and Hulu. When you have installed the app, open the HBO Max app.

If you are an HBO Max customer already, you can then sign in with your login details. If there are any existing HBO or HBO Now subscribers, they can also access the new HBO Max app and at no additional charge.

For new subscribers, you can register via the Warnermedia HBO Max app on Apple TV and via the Apple In-App Purchase.